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        2. Service Center
          Engineered Wood Flooring

          High strength locking system


          Easy installation

          Not affected by temperature

          UV Coating

          Complete waterproofing

          Non plasticizer


          Fashion: it can simulate various wood patterns, colors, and a strong sense of fashion.

          Moisture proof: aldehyde removal technology, nearly 8 times better than E1 standard.

          Wear-resistant: about 10~30 times more than ordinary lacquer flooring.

          Stability: completely dispersed the internal structure of wood, stable structure, suitable for the ground heating system.

          In addition, it has the advantages of flame retardancy, impact resistance, antistatic, anti-pollution, high-light fastness, convenient installation and simple maintenance.

          Combined with the stability,ease and convenience of installtion of laminate flooring.

          The beauty and comfort of the solid wood flooring , Especially suitable for the ground heating system.

          Environmental protection:all natural wood,no radiation,no formaldehyde.

          Comfort:moderate hardness,good heat insulation.

          Beauty:the original pattern,the delicate as nature.

          In addition,the phytoncide from natural wood purifies the air and is better for health.

          Not applicable to geothermal environment.


          Light plane and the texture is warm and fine.

          3D sync wood grain: Stereoscopic sense and antiskid function.

          High definition bright surface: The wood grain is clear and natural, glossiness the sense of vision is better.

          2018 New Collections