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        The Interpretation Of YangZi

        Environmental protection is a kind of idea.Health is an attitude;And only aggregation of high - tech, high - quality and high – value can achieve the true environmental-friendly and health.

        Enterprise profile

        Yangzi Flooring is located in historic city-Chuzhou. It is leading domestic wood floor manufacturing, and it also been listed on the NEEQ Market as the first listed of national high-tech enterprises. (Subtitle: Yangzi flooring is the pilot of flooring innovation, the new benchmarking of Chinese flooring industry, the NEEQ Market innovation enterprise, stock code 430539). Yangzi floor is integrated with research and development, production, sales and service. It produce full category of flooring include laminate, engineered, solid wood and functional as self-heating product. Rely on Chuzhou, Laian, Dingyuan three major production bases in order to expand global industry chain.


        Yangzi Flooring begins with quality and succeeds with environmental friendly. The concept of quality, environmental protection and healthy production become its DNA, it pushing the flooring industry towards a "better, more environmental friendly and healthier" Glory Road, which affects entire industry.

        The national high-tech enterprises, the State Intellectual Property Rights enterprises, the national standard drafting units, more than fifty international and domestic patent technologies, the only granted enterprise by national housing ministry " Housing component certification and demonstration units", and many times of the Chinese forestry industry award etc.


        Environmental protection is a belief and persevering for the Yangzi Flooring. It is a business concept derived from "creating maximum value for the customer".

        In 2014, Removal of formaldehyde technology from the Yangtze floor was introduced. The first batch is applied to the manufacturing of laminate flooring. Environmental protection performance is far beyond the major environmental standards in Europe, America, Japan and China. Set off a green floor revolution in the industry, triggering a rush to purchase. Next year, multi effect anti-aldehyde solid wood composite floor come out, resounding the industry again. From then on, the leading position of the Yangzi floor in environmental protection performance was established.

        Super E0 Anti-aldehyde Technology: Formaldehyde emission≤0.2mg/L; Multi Effect Anti-aldehyde Technology, Formaldehyde emission≤0.3mg/L, And can continue to adsorb and decompose formaldehyde and other VOC toxic molecules in the air.In 2016, non-aldehyde technology invented by Yangzi Flooring, no aldehyde production is starting from the source with no pollution production process, make solid wood composite floor as nature as the log.

        Take around a year experiment and physical and chemical test, we successfully applied non- aldehyde resin glue to the production of solid wood composite floor that developed with National scientific research institutions.

        At the meanwhile, Yangzi flooring developed negative ion patent lacquer with National scientific research institutions. It perfect applies to floor production. It create a greener and healthier solid wood floor. Once again, the environmental protect technology revolution has been pushed to the highest level. Application of negative ion patent lacquer make anion release up to 600/s/c m2 of Yangzi flooring, it is similar as park area. Effectively purify the indoor air and enhance the immunity of the human body.


        In China, the Yangzi floor has more than 1800 flagship stores. Distribution outlets cover the vast majority of cities throughout the country. Annual sales are about 6 million square meters. Every minute, there is a family choosing the Yangzi floor. “Extremely Healthy for Your Better Life” (slogan), Yangzi Flooring achieved the best choice of decoration. "Chinese creation" is well deserved.

        Extremely Healthy for Your Better Life!

        Yangzi Flooring has Forward-looking technology, exquisite workmanship, extreme environmental protection, star service, perfect experience. Yangzi Flooring, Extremely Healthy for Your Better Life!