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        Service Center

        development path


        In 2002, Chuzhou Yangzi Wood Industry Co., Ltd. was established.


        In 2003, “Shuilifang” invented six-surface moisture-proof technology which is first application in industry.


        In 2004, qualify on the ISO9001-2000 quality system certification.


        In 2005, qualify on Certification of environmental signs in China.


        In 2006, we use high definition wear-resistant technology that is first used in industry.


        In 2008, we are winning the top 500 of China's most competitive enterprises, qualify on ISO14001 environmental management system and 0HS18001 certification of occupational health and safety management system. At the same year, national standards for laminated wood flooring with impregnated paper issued by the state. Chuzhou Yangzi Wood Industry Co., Ltd. is one of top five main drafting unit. Product technology side, first introduced intelligent arc molding technology in industry.


        In 2009, the first floor company identified by the national high-tech enterprise.


        In 2010, Mr. Lei xiang, chairman of the company, took part in the world floor conference and hosted fifth Forums. Same year, Yangzi won the "fifteen year brilliant achievement award of the Chinese flooring industry", “Fifteen year brilliant manager award in China's flooring industry” and “The third floor industry science and technology innovation award”.


        In 2011, The emulation solid wood floor of the Yangzi is evaluated as “Gold medal of the fourth China Yiwu International Forest Products Expo”in The second China International Forestry Industry Expo.


        In 2013, Yangzi Flooring is rated as "The Top ten brand of the Industry". Yangzi made exclusive research and development of aldehyde removal technology. The floor of the formaldehyde emission is less than 0.2mg/L. Performance is superior to international E1 standard.


        In 2014, Anhui Yangzi flooring Co., Ltd has successfully listed in NEEQ (National Equities Exchange and Quotations) and won the China Forestry Product Innovation Award again.


        In 2015, Yangzi flooring has won the top ten major (environmental protection) flooring brands of China and “honor and trust unit”. Yangzi Flooring first introduced multi- aldehyde removal technology, update industry standard


        In 2016, Yangzi flooring has won the top 500 preferred suppliers of real estate development enterprises in China flooring industry and National intellectual property rights Unit. Yangzi flooring becomes member of SEE Foundation at same year. On production side, Yangzi flooring first introduced “non- aldehyde production “and “Negative oxygen ion tech” multiply flooring.


        In 2017, Yangzi flooring be awarded as “Excellence in China solid wood floor industry “and Executive chairman of the Chinese solid wood flooring Alliance. On production side, Yangzi flooring first introduced Patent for invention “Pure solid wood geothermal flooring”, the advantage has Moisture proof, heat-resistant, non-keel, beneficial respiration and lower waste.