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        Social Responsibility

        Yangzi floor is dedicated to keep a sustainable business, society and environment, and focus on the green industry chain, to reduce carbon emissions, take the social responsibility and the green production, not only to boost the development of enterprises, it also makes a contribution to protecting the social ecological environment.



        Yangzi flooring strictly adhered to the requirements of the legitimacy of forest resources, and worked together with FSC, CCBA and other international organizations to create an innovative and sustainable development mode of wood industry. And take a number of effective measures to create a sustainable industrial chain, also strive to reduce carbon emissions from the source. Therefore, Yangzi flooring work on reduce carbon emissions in all stages of the life cycle of the entire product, such as raw material collection, manufacturing, distribution, sales, consumption and waste disposal.

        As the World Wildlife Fund "outstanding natural protection supporter”, over the years, Yangzi Flooring has been promoting the " Green China project "to carry out afforestation activities, and through the implementation of field planting, “network planting”, “micro-blog planting” and other means of afforestation, up to now, Yangzi Flooring has been establish ten forest in Shanxi, Guangdong, Hunan, Hubei, Guizhou, and other places. At the same time, Yangzi flooring is actively promoting the development and production of green products, and introduce as new environmentally friendly flooring, zero carbon flooring, fast-growing wood flooring and other products. Yangzi Flooring not only achieves health and environmental protection, but also initiative takes social responsibility as energy saving and emission reduction for consumers.



        With the construction of the sustainable industrial chain, the “pushing resource cycle” action of Yangzi flooring has attracted the attention of all walks of life. Flooring industry is a great industry which is promote sustainable forest management, an important force to help the harmony between man and nature, Yangzi Flooring is creating a resource recycling enterprises, has taken a solid pace to the "green industry, zero carbon dream", contributed to the promotion of low carbon economy in the industry.


        As the leading brand of China flooring industry, we realize that the responsibility on shoulders is not only a leap in quality of life, but also an example of corporate citizen morality, and we try our best to give back to society. Therefore, on the basis of building high-quality products and services, Yangzi flooring, based on the concept of "carrying love", carries out a series of initiatives to care for the society and care for the environment, to convey warmth and hope, and create a high-quality corporate citizenship image with a sense of social responsibility.



        The Yangzi flooring is well aware of the importance of ecological environment to human life. Since the establishment of the enterprise, Yangzi flooring is adhering the "innovation of small environmental protection, environmental respect" strategy to ensure that consumers get a floor with natural and healthy life, and no ecological burden. We give attention on product innovation, using technology to give products of natural beauty, rather than over to grab natural resources. At present, the two categories of products that are owned by the Yangzi flooring are the products with the lowest resource consumption rate and the best function in the industry.


        Yangzi flooring not only attention on environmental protection as "throttle", but also pays more attention to "open source". Since the 90s of last century, it has always insisted on planting trees and afforestation. It has set up the benchmarks for the environmental cause of Chinese enterprises.



        In addition to the attention of environment, Yangzi flooring pays more attention to the care of people. Over the years, the headquarters of company repeatedly contribute money to the Chuzhou Charity Association and the Courageous Fund, set up mutual funds and donations for poor students in various forms, to help the children from poor areas to complete their studies and restoring their hope.