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        Congratulations to the chairman of Yangzi Flooring Mr. Xiang Lei be awarded by "2017 Chinese home building materials industry leading figures"

        In December 28, 2017, the results of “Chinese power and home example - 2017 Chinese home building materials industry annual figure selection” come out. This selection was sponsored by China flooring network, Chinese cabinet net, Chinese wardrobe net, Chinese door and window net and Chinese bathroom network.


        This election is based on the principles of openness, fairness and impartiality, taking professional data and fierce competition to have about 500 enterprise leaders and enterprise elites were selected in this review. By using professional evaluation and comprehensive indicators methods to estimate selectors, finally the chairman Mr. Xiang Lei won the prize.

        Since he started his business in 2002, Mr. Xiang Lei have led the Yangzi Flooring for 16 years. Under the great background of China's rapid economic development, Yangzi Flooring promotes independent brand and innovation. Participate in the drafting of a number of national standards. Establish brand operation mode and product research and development mechanism to meet market demand. And gradually accelerate the pace of Globalization. The Yangzi Flooring has been in the forefront of its peers.

        The Yangtze floor is one of the earliest home building materials enterprises that put forward of innovation and development and very rare of certified by national high-tech enterprises in industry. It is the main drafting unit of the national standard for laminated wood flooring with impregnated paper. In 2016, it released non-aldehyde production with negative ion addition made multiply solid wood flooring. In 2017, it introduced invention patents: Pure solid wood geothermal floor which application of multiple patents.

        In some extent, the generation of entrepreneurs as Mr. Xiang Lei is the Chinese economic figure selected and represented by history. They have gone through the changes of the times and more profound understanding of doing business is a long run. Therefore, they are taking it leisurely with the changes in the market and industry, and making deep footprint on Chines intellectual creation. We also believe that the Yangzi Flooring will keep climb under the leading of Mr. Xiang Lei.


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