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        Annual inventory

        A review of the 2017 wonderful events of the Yangtze flooring

        The promotion strategy was upgraded in March and the first shot was fired.

        On 11th of March 2017, the first show of Yangzi flooring direct factory outlet successfully held.  Six times a year and sales record break on every single time. The scene is real grand and full of benefits and prizes.



        Be praise and honor by multiparty

        In March, Yangzi flooring had Critical acclaim and honor by “The Priority Flooring Supplier of Top 500 Real Estate Developer”base on strong enterprise strength, excellent market performance, extensive brand awareness and reputation.



        On 11th of March, Anhui Yangzi Flooring Co., Ltd listed on top ten tax payers in the 2016 year announced by the national Chuzhou economic and Technological Development Zone. At meanwhile, Yangzi flooring also credited by "Top ten major innovative enterprises" and "Top ten fastest growth enterprises" in 2016.





        In May, Yangzi Flooring was successfully selected by the "green supply chain action of China's real estate industry"

        "Action of green supply chain in China's real estate industry" sponsored by SEE ecological association, Strategic alliance of Chinese urban real estate developers, All joint real estate chamber of Commerce, Vanke Limited by Share Ltd and Landsea green real estate. The aim is to call on real estate companies through green procurement to promoting upstream suppliers, the union of industry forces and promoting sustainable development. Yangzi Flooring has always adhered to the green environmental standards for 16 years. Therefore, it was invited to be selected, after multiple strict examinations, it was successfully selected.

        Assist national key project, Yangzi Flooring has paved into the National Game Village in Tianjing.

        The National Game Village in Tianjing is the key supporting project of the Thirteenth National Games. The quality of the decoration material is subjected to multiple strict examinations. Material selection is from the domestic top line brand and international brand. Yangzi floor is chosen by virtue of environmental quality and service.


        In addition, the environmental management system certification was also obtained in May. At the same time, quality management system certification, occupational health and safety management system certification, title of "abide by contract and credit" etc. were also obtained.

        The "China solid wood floor industry excellence award" was won in JulyDue to the high innovation and outstanding contribution to the industry, the China solid forest floor Association awards the "China solid wood flooring industry excellence award" to Yangzi Flooring.


        In September, Yangzi Flooring selected by City Union green real estate joint procurement supply chain.

        The seventh batch of joint procurement Partner of City Union green real estate Award Ceremony held in Xi'an. Chinese wood flooring industry core brand Yangzi floor passed a series of efficient and transparent procurement processes of joint tendering, and become this joint procurement "new partners" of wood flooring.


        Ms. Yundi Wei, general manager of Engineering Center in Anhui Yangzi floor Co., Ltd, attended the award


        In October, Yangzi Flooring was awarded the title of "the outstanding industrial enterprise of the city in 2016"

        The chairman Mr. Xiang Lei, the legal representative of the award-winning enterprise, was invited to the city manufacturing development conference and accepted the commendation.


        In December, the last DFO of 2017 was a successfully held.

        On the day, more than 3000 people attend the venue, and achieved 2440 bills with about 84000 square meters in 5 hours. Sales record broke and shocked the industry!


        Win "China real estate purchasing summit top 10 competitiveness flooring brand in 2017"



        First conference about the focus of fine quality strategy

        2018 new releases of the Yangzi flooring released pure solid wood geothermal floor that patent belongs to Yangzi. Three-ply solid wood composite flooring, royal classic parquet, production of solid wood composite floor with negative ions without aldehyde, European and American style Laminate are also released.



        Yangzi floor advertising on national TV- CCTV four stations

        Advertisement synchronously broadcast CCTV-1, CCTV-13, CCTV-2, CCTV-4 four stations. It performs a brand banquet for more than 1 billion 400 million spectators in China.



        The Yangzi floor is on the honor list of The Reference News.


        Looking back to the past, it visible front of eyes. We are look into the future and taking forward. Thanks to the support of users and the unremitting efforts of the whole family of Yangzi Flooring in 2017. In 2018, our dreams will be continue.